Dr Longitude’s Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie, Les Enfants Terribles

‘A cross between La Cité des Enfants Perdus and Tim Burton’s work. They are fall-about-funny’ Lemn Sissay.

‘Les Enfants Terribles are back and better than ever with their tales of Dr Longitude’s Marvellous Imaginary Menagerie.’ **** WHATSONSTAGE

‘Les Enfants Terribles have created something special here: a magnificent carny sideshow, with cool puppets for the little ‘uns, bawdy gags for adults and an appealing, colourful set design for both. A fantastic cast of six sing, clown and effortlessly swap characters, with a nod, a wink, and a doff of the tit-fer to the Victorian fairground. Better than any family show has a right to be.’ **** The List

‘Fast paced, inventive and performed with total conviction it’s a demonstration that good theatre not only crosses generational boundaries but also escapes the bricks and mortar of conventional theatre.’ **** The Public Review

Pirate Gran , SCAMP Theatre/Watford Palace Theatre UK Tour 2014

‘An original, funny, rhythmic piece, which, among other things, celebrates the transformative, intergenerational power of play. Martyn Dempsey finds real depth in Fingers O’Malley who isn’t always very brave.‘ Susan Elkin, The Stage

The four strong cast also work admirably to keep the extremely young audience engaged. Martyn Dempsey plays Fingers O’Malley with a sensitivity and child-like quality which makes him particularly likeable.’ The Public Reviews

Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood, Gala Theatre Durham 2013/14

‘Baddies Steal the Show in Riotous Traditional Pantomime’ The Metro

‘Martyn Dempsey and David Tarkenter are a great comic addition to the Gala’ The Metro

‘Comic support comes from David Tarkenter and Martyn Dempsey as the sheriff’s bumbling henchmen Stink and Stench and both demonstrate a real gift for physical comedy and improvisation.’ Sunderland Echo

‘This is the Panto that should not be missed at any price.’ The Northern Echo

The Boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart (Edinburgh Festival 2012)

‘With a sullen expression and a manic energy, Martyn Dempsey is a force of nature as the deliciously scheming Mr Heim and mercilessly tears apart our desire for cheery upbeat conclusions at the most tragic of moments.’ Sally Scott, The Scotsman ****

‘The show has a deliciously gothic, steam punk feel, the Edgy Compere (Martyn Dempsey) moves the action along in a style reminiscent of The Tiger Lillies’ Total Theatre.

‘Throughout the play devilishly sly Mr Heim (Martyn Dempsey) chips in with some very amusing dark comedy to balance the melancholic nature of the story. This is a definate highlight with which to start a day at the Fringe.’ Broadway Baby ****

‘Jimmy Grimes Magpie Puppet Company makes a fine stab at staging the fable with a neat line in breaking the forth wall from the mercurial master of ceremonies Martyn Dempsey’ FEST

‘The Enthralling styling of the story and the heart rendering nature of Jack’s tale, makes this show a joy to watch from beginning to end’ The Stage MUST SEE SHOW Edinburgh Show

‘Magpie have created something here which is both captivating and moving.’ **** The Skinny

‘This is a mesmerising and wonderfully put together show, a real theatrical gem,’ TheGoodReview *****

The Infant (UK Tour/Edinburgh Festival 2011)

‘The Infant reminded me of Rosencrantz and Guildernstern Are Dead crossed with Martin McDonaghs The Pillowman.’ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

‘ Anthony Spargo and Martyn Dempsey’s madcap interrogators are almost vintage Tim Burton-like figures, managing to be likeably kooky one minute and darkly sinister the other. Their relationship and squabbles are the undisputed highlight of this absurdist drama.’ FEST

‘The two thuggish captors, Castogan and Samedi are brilliantly played by Martyn Dempsey and Anthony Spargo. This is a beautifully structured piece of work and extremely well acted.’ Whatsonstage ****

‘Anthony Spargo, as Samedi, delivers a great line in derangement and plays his Mad Hatter-like part with great verve and gusto. Martyn Dempsey, as the more brutish, slow-witted Castogan, is the perfect foil for his partner and the dynamic between the two is the play’s driving force.’ The Scotsman ****

‘Antony Spargo and Martyn Dempsey are excellent as the madcap interrogators. Spargo brings an excellent energy and control to Samedi and is electrifying to watch. Dempsey acts as the perfect foil, his stiff ex-army manner perfectly juxtaposed with a penchant for Mills and Boon novels, and tea with heaps of sugar.’ Broadway Baby ****

‘Both Martyn Dempsey and Anthony Spargo produce fantastically engaging performances as Castogan and Samedi. ‘ Festival Review ****

The persecuting double-act, bringing to mind Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, really shine’ The List